Thursday, January 10, 2013

Memory Book Projects

Capturing Memories has had the pleasure to be involved in many successful local history projects in which we helped collect and publish the shared memories of local elders. In each project, a customized memory sparking workbook was created and distributed to community elders. An overwhelming number of the workbooks were completed and returned to the historical societies. Community members also shared personal photos and mementos. The stories were transcribed, illustrated with the images, and published.

A few of the Memory Book Projects
published by Capturing Memories
 Capturing Memories would like to encourage other communities to conduct their own “Memory Book Project” and  have now published Memory Book Projects: Collecting Stories and Memorabilia, a director’s guide to the collection of community memoirs. This handbook provides detailed instructions for conducting a Memory Book Project—whether you are working for a historical organization, preparing a church or organizational history, or putting together a book of family stories.

For lots more information about Memory Book Projects and how we developed this blueprint for gathering community stories, click on the “Memory Book Projects” tab above.
Download the
(.pdf format)

Memory Book Projects is available for purchase in both a hardcopy (printed) and a downloadable e-Book at my Capturing Memories Store.

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